Effective 3/14/2020, The Fire Station will beclosed to the general public due to COVID-19 precautions until further notice. The main window will remain open for the issuance of burn permits, but all station tours and use of the facilites by the public are suspended

Now hiring per diem firefighters/emts

We're looking for dedicated firefighter/EMTs to join our team! 




Farmington Fire Rescue provides 24-hour Fire and Emergency Medical Services to the town of Farmington, NH. From our station located on Main Street, the department covers 37.5 square miles and provides services to a popluation almost 7,000 residents. Farmington Fire Rescue responds to more than 1,200 call for service each year, which averages out to approximately 3.5 calls per day. These service calls include fires, medical emergencies, motor vehicle crashes, alarms, investigations, and more.

The department is run by a full-time Fire Chief and a roster of per-diem company officers and certified firefighters/EMTs, providing 24/7 coverage for the town, 365 days a year, as well as providing mutual-aid availability to surrounding communities. Farmington Fire Rescue also provides free CPR training, fire safety guidance and information to the public, issues permits for brush/camp fires, and inspects local commercial and multi-family residential properties to ensure compliance with local and federal life safety codes.

Monthly Call Statistics 2020

January 2020               FIRE: 18     EMS: 72

February 2020             FIRE: --       EMS: --

March 2020                    FIRE: --       EMS: --

April 2020                       FIRE: --       EMS: --

May 2020                         FIRE: --      EMS: --

June 2020                      FIRE: --       EMS: --

July 2020                        FIRE: --      EMS: --

August 2020                  FIRE: --      EMS: --

September 2020         FIRE: --      EMS: --

October 2020                FIRE: --      EMS: --

November 2020          FIRE: --      EMS:  --

December 2020           FIRE: --      EMS: --

2018 Public Protection Classification (PPC) Summary report

Every 5 years the ISO collects and evaluates information from communities in the United States on their structure fire suppression capabilities. This data is analyzed and the community is assigned a Public Protection Classification. The Document below is a summary of our communities latest evaluation and PPC grade.

Our Mission

The Farmington Fire & Rescue Department will have dedicated members ensuring excellence in our duties to our citizens to protect their life and property. We believe in achieving this excellence in our daily services through commitment, teamwork, open communication, and with pride in our work. We Strive to ensure our community is safe through our training and education with their safety as our goal, as without them, we wouldn't be here.

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CPR Training

CPR Training


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CPR Training

CPR Training


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Burn Permits


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Public Relations

Public Relations


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Public Relations

Public Relations


Are you a certified Firefighter or EMT interested in joining Farmington Fire Rescue? Are you a local member of the community interested in becoming one?