Frequently asked questions

Q: I have a question regarding the bill I received for an ambulance that brought me to the hospital, who can I talk to for more information or to discuss payment options?

A: Please call the Enhanced Medical Services Patient Billing Line at 1-844-729-3671.

Q: Is the fire station staffed 24/7?

A: Yes, we are staffed 24/7. However, someone may not always be available at the station. For requests for help or service please call 9-1-1. If you come to the Public Safety Building and no one answers the door bell, please call Strafford County dispatch at 603-755-2231, or use the blue call box outside of the main entrance doors.

Q: Is Farmington Fire Rescue a full-time department?

A: The only full-time member of the department is the Fire Chief. The rest of the officers, firefighters, and EMTs are per diem employees that work a variety of shifts, usually in 12 or 24 hour blocks, to provide service to the town 24/7/365.

Q: When I call the business line, which option should I select to speak with someone on the duty crew about a general question I have?

A: Dispatch is the best choice for all general inquiries. This will put you through to our front office which is generally staffed during business hours.

Q: I need assistance but I don't want the fire trucks to come with lights and sirens. Can I call on the business line to avoid making a scene?

A: Use of lights and sirens is determined on a call-by-call basis with consideration for the severity and type of call. For all requests for help, call 9-1-1. The emergency dispatchers at NH911 can provide assistance over the phone for many types of calls and are trained to get the information we need when responding to your request.

Q: Someone I know is dealing with a substance abuse disorder and would like help. Do you participate in the Safe Station Program?

A: Unfortunately, we do not have the necessary resources to implement the Safe Station Program here in Farmington. If you, or someone you know, needs help with a substance abuse disorder call the NH 24-hour Addiction Crisis Line at 1-844-711-HELP (4357) or email You can also check out the NH Treatment Locator at For medical emergencies related to substance abuse, including overdoses, call 9-1-1 immediately.