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Medical emergencies can happen at any time to anyone. during these stressful times, seconds can mean the difference between life or death. The EMTs and Paramedics that arrive on scene are going to have many important questions that will help them provide the best care possible to you or your loved ones, but often times patients and their families are unable to answer these questions or remember specific details. What is the patient's medical history? What medications do they take, and how much/how often to they take them? Who should we call in an emergency and how can we get a hold of them? 

The FILE OF LIFE®conveniently puts all this information in one place for first responders, allowing them to immediately begin treatment, notify loved ones, and pass vital information along to the doctors and nurses in the emergency room. This product has helped save countless lives across the country, and Farmington Fire Rescue, in cooperation with local sponsors, is offering FILE OF LIFE® kits to town residents at no charge.

So what exactly is FILE OF LIFE®? The File of Life is a card which contains vital personal medical information such as the patient's emergency contacts, health issues, medications, allergies, recent surgeries, and more. The medical card is stored in a bright red magnetic pocket on the resident's refrigerator, readily accessible to first responders when they arrive to render help. A FILE OF LIFE® decal on the door to the home alerts first responders of the medical card's presence as they arrive. Compact versions that can be carried in a purse or wallet are also available.

Since this program is in it's infancy here in Farmington, FILE OF LIFE® kits are available to all residents over the age of 65, and residents of any age with complex medical conditions. As the program is expanded, we hope to make kits available to all town residents of all ages. To request a FILE OF LIFE® kit for you or a loved one, or for more information on the program, please fill out the contact form below and a Care Coordinator will contact you.

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Around 5,000 communities across the United States have implemented a FILE OF LIFE® program since the program was established in 1995. FILE OF LIFE® is in 14 million homes nationwide with 50,000 being distributed last year alone. 

The FILE OF LIFE® believes that everyone should receive prompt, quality medical care, especially when it matters most – in an emergency. this product is designed to make the difference between life and death by providing absolutely vital information to first responders.

Benefits of the FILE OF LIFE® program : 

  • Emergency rescue teams: Instantly know medical history of patient. 
  • Hospital emergency staff: On arrival, medical data is immediately available. 
  • Patient: Peace of mind knowing they will have  prompt and quality care.

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